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The comprehensive guide to profit from your website

The comprehensive guide to profit from your website

A lot of people are searching for ways to make profit from the internet, some already have experience in making profit from the internet, others do not have any experience to do so, there are some strategies that are suitable for foreign content and some other strategies are suitable for Arabic content, so I will present Today you have a comprehensive guide to profit from your Arabic site.

Before you get started let me tell you a few important points to keep in mind:

Creating a blog is one of the basics of profit. If you do not have a blog yet, please view this article on how to create a blog step by step with pictures and videos from here.

Searching for keywords or semantic is a very big part to make sure your site is in the competitive market.

You should try to provide something of high quality and value.

You should find the perfect knit and make a profit.

In this article I would like to focus on 8 different methods that enable you to make a profit for your own Arabic website, as follows:

First: affiliate marketing

How does affiliate marketing work?

It depends on 3 very simple steps

Market a product or service to your audience

Your audience purchases the product or service using your affiliate link

You will get commission for purchases made using your affiliate link

Benefits of affiliate marketing


It allows you the freedom to control the place and time, design your own schedule, and prepare a plan for your work routine. Also, you can travel anywhere you like and take your office with you. All you need to work as an affiliate marketer is a laptop or mobile + internet connection.

Affiliate marketing also gives you time to practice the activities you want and spend time with your family or pursue your hobbies and develop yourself, all you have to do is just make an effort to establish a marketing commission with commission and get a commission that earns you a steady income over time.


Commission marketing can give you an income of 4 to 6 numbers. If you find a profitable product and you work as an avlite for this product, you can earn more profits, as there are products with a commission of up to 75% for each sale.


Affiliate Marketing allows you to sell products without going anywhere, you can sell products on your website by providing good product content, quality and features, then put your link to buy from.


One of the benefits of affiliate marketing is that it is inexpensive and relatively cheaper than known or usual marketing.

In other marketing matters, you must advertise your products, hire sales representatives, or distribute the products yourself ... etc., while in affiliate marketing you do not need all these costs nor do you make this effort, all you do is manage your website and through smart search You will be able to get large commission products and make huge profits.


Once you get profitable products, you campaign your affiliate marketing and make an effort to sell, in this case you can literally earn money while you sleep, the more your sales, the more profits you get.

How do you make money from affiliate marketing?

First: You need to have a blog or website at the highest level in the search engines as much as possible, the higher ranking in the search engines will lead to getting more visits and thus reach a better number and increase your income.

Second: Search for products of high quality and commission, not only looking for money, but also looking for quality products.

Third: Start creating your own mailing list, as e-mail greatly increases sales, so your profits increase.

If you want to learn more about affiliate marketing with a detailed explanation, you can subscribe to my affiliate marketing course here.

Second: Google Adsense

Ad sense allows bloggers and websites to navigate to the immense google ad network, where other advertisers can display ads on your site.

The best part of the Google AdSense system is that, once you register, Google will place a simple code on your own site that identifies the content you provide on your site and begins displaying ads related to your content.

Example: If your site specializes in pet nets (cats and dogs), then Google will start showing your ads to visitors to get cat food and dog training ... etc.

When a visitor clicks on the ad, you are paid for each time a visitor clicks on your ad !! Yes, it is very simple and easy

If your site contains a huge number of visits, you can earn a lot of money every month from Google Adsense.

Third: Using the Buysellads Plugin:

Using the  BuySellAds WordPress plugin

What is the BuySell Ads extension?

It is a market that connects between website publishers and ads, it is a very simple way where the advertiser searches for a target niche, then a large number of websites appear to him after that he looks at the site statistics and then buys the ad.

BuySell Ads processes and provides advertisers with analyzes and deposits money into your account every month. In my opinion, it is a very nice addition that gives you the freedom to control the acceptance or rejection of advertisers

Why would I advise you to use the Buy-Sell Ads WordPress plugin?

Because it provides a good base for advertisers looking to spend money on ads, and provides support to advertisers as well, all the services that Buy-Sell Ads offers you (help you choose the right price, appropriate ad areas, ad space, etc.)

How to use Buy-Sell Ads with WordPress?

First, you need to sign up for a Buy-Sell Ads account (registration is free).

Second: Add your site, and you can add several ad areas to your site.

Third: the format of the ads  (image only + text or paragraph + description or funded Tweets or Rss Feed ads)

Fourth: You can set your own price and you can also choose to rotate ads if you wish to do so and specify the size of the ad and more, once you have finished creating your own advertising areas, all you have to do is simply put the icons in your template or alternatively You can use the official program for the BuySellAds WordPress plugin

Fourth: Earn for writing reviews

Why do companies pay for reviews?

Because reviews are very important for brands and big companies, and it is one of the most critical factors in completing most purchases from the Internet, so companies know the value of reviews and are willing to pay for them.

How can you profit from writing reviews?

With the passage of time your site will grow and you will have a high traffic and a good number of interested and followers, and someone who has a suitable product for your netsch may offer you

Example: If your site is interested in, for example, slimming and has achieved significant expansion and high traffic, you will find some companies that communicate with you and ask you to do a review of their products, and in return you will pay you an amount of money that is agreed upon in advance (percentage or commission) for this Working, you can make many different reviews of phones, other devices, or even programs, applications, or any different services.

Fifth: Building paid memberships

If you are interested in a specific topic and you have extensive experience in all its issues and distinct in it, you can build paid memberships for this topic through a course or training course once you participate in it, the visitor moves to an important group of exclusive high-quality videos and your service must also be distinctive and He gets personal support for this topic, it is an additional benefit of bringing in recurring funds.

For example: If you have enormous experience in design and have done a design course for you, and be an example of Photoshop, here you can build a membership in which the visitor pays a sum of money in exchange for the exclusive content that you offer and to benefit from your distinguished service .

Sixth: Selling electronic books

E-books are a very easy way that you can work in the Arab world, where you can search for example about problems that meet your audience and create a book that provides solutions to these problems, and your e-book can be just a PDF file that you deliver to your audience when paying, There are a lot of people doing this way and providing really good books for reasonable sums of money that will make them profitable.

I advise you to take the opinion of your audience when choosing the title of the book to include or to ensure that it will be very popular, you can take their opinions by for example conducting a poll on Facebook group or on your social media means or by sending an email to your mailing list etc.

Seventh: selling courses

If you don't like the idea of ​​selling e-books, you can sell the courses instead. The course requires time to prepare it, but once it is prepared and put up for sale, you can profit from reselling it for life, and this is a very strong advantage.

The course should solve a problem your audience faces. For example, if you have an obese audience, you should build a course that solves this problem and provide them with real solutions to get rid of being overweight.

The Affiliate Marketing Art course solves a problem my audience is experiencing - the desire to find a real strategy for profit from their blogs, and that was the goal of the course for sure.

Disclaimer: In the summer of this year (2019) I will launch, God willing, a course in which I will inform you how to build a professional course or an e-book and make a great selling page for it and profit from it so that you have a name and brand in the Arab market, God willing.

Eighth: Offer paid services.

Also, one of the easiest ways to start making money and profit from your Arab site is to sell your services, think about the services that you can solve the problems of your audience and you will provide distinguished services, it may be the provision of your services as a virtual assistant to small business owners is the best way to invest your site !!

You can easily write articles for companies or other people for an amount of money, or if you speak different languages ​​fluently, there are some companies that want to translate their websites and so on !!

Just create a page in your blog and offer services that are paid to people. For example, if your niche is about design, you can show the person, for example, Photoshop or explain it to a team viewer individually, or if your niche is about marketing, you can To receive communications from people and talk to them about their marketing strategies and develop their own businesses.

And by that I have finished presenting this guide, I hope to God Almighty that I have been successful in displaying it, and that you have found these methods useful for you to start your journey in building, growing, and achieving a lot of income from your Arabic site.

I advise you to start earning money from your Arabic site now, and choose the best way for you to start making income and profit.

Finally, I would love to hear your thoughts or if you have another way that you do not hesitate to write in the comments below for the benefit of others, also if you have any questions leave a comment below and I will answer you.

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