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The best blog writing tips for beginners

The best blog writing tips for beginners

There are some steps that you can follow in order to build good and strong content within the blog. You cannot guarantee the blog’s success and profit through it in the long run unless you adhere to these steps.

1- Choose the content of the articles carefully

You can not build a successful blog for profit , including without building a good content inside first, The content is king or as said content is the king and this content is certainly subject to several elements so that they can say that the content of a good convincing your audience, and these elements:

The content should be related to the niche that you have chosen, you cannot write in the niche of soccer sport and the niche of your site about basketball, for example, about swimming, and so on.

Write on exclusive topics or recent and popular topics with high search rates and do not face strong competition at the same time, because audiences often search for new and is very attracted to news or new information.

It is very important when writing content within your blog, whether you are a beginner working to increase traffic in order to make a profit or if you are proficient in your site, using keywords , how they are organized, and how well they are present within articles.

You write not for you but for the sake of others or for the sake of the audience and therefore your writing should focus on your audience's preferences and the information that you think will attract it, and I will now tell you how you can learn about the audience's preferences and interests.

How do you know the audience's preferences?

The audience is usually attracted to the topics it finds expressed, or to the topics that meet its need and desires, and once you have chosen a specific niche for your blog, this necessarily means that you have deduced the quality of the audience you are dealing with, the preferences and interests of this audience and topics that are supposed to arouse and attract it, and in general You can learn about your audience’s preferences by doing one of the following:

Facebook or Facebook Group page:

I have definitely made a Facebook page or group related to your site and it is linked to it, and certainly the ones inside this page or group are actually interested in the field and therefore the identification of their interests is easy through direct interaction with them and responding to their inquiries and asking questions Them about the articles they want to read and the type of topics that interest them, as well as you can do a poll or poll in order to identify specific topics and put them in your articles on the blog. You can make a poll through this free site ( click here )

Look at the picture, and you will find that I have done a referendum to the public to know the courses they prefer

Your YouTube channel:

If you have a YouTube channel that contains your own videos and content that you have set up, you definitely have a background about the nature of the information that the audience prefers, especially if you follow carefully and continuously the comments on the various videos that you display on your YouTube channel and also respond to them.

Mailing List:

You can also get to know the audience’s preferences by emailing them via the mailing list that you have that you are supposed to use to know which topics the audience prefers than others, and the mailing list has a great advantage in that each member of the audience feels like you are personally addressing him and that he specifically saw him Your decision affects the content.

In this photo you will find that I sent the same poll to my subscribers in order to know the courses they prefer:

Audience comments on your blog:

Obviously getting comments on the blog is difficult especially if you are a beginner or if your blog is new, you often face a problem of trust from the audience and therefore will not easily tell you about his preferences, but if your blog is active or known then getting to know the audience preferences from During it is very easy.

Spying on competitors:

It is considered one of the easiest and most important ways to get to know the audience’s preferences. You can visit the competing sites for you that specialize in the same niche and thus have the same audience that you are supposed to present your blog to, and by spying on competitors you can learn about the topics that focus On it, and the most interacting articles.

2- Search for the tagged words and choose attractive headings

Search for keywords on topics you choose, and select words with a high search rate and low competition at the same time.

There are many tools that you can use to search for keywords, some of which are free, such as the google keyword planner tool and paid tools such as the Ahrefs tool which is a very cool tool that I use personally to search for keywords.

3- Create a plan for writing articles within the blog

After you have done a tag search for the articles you have chosen and which we assume are five articles, now create a plan to write these articles within the blog.

 Select specific articles to publish at certain times, such as publishing an article on the first day and two days later another article and so on, until your blog has good and valuable content that attracts visitors.

4- Specify the details and information within the articles

We assume that you have chosen a specific niche for your blog, this definitely means that you know information about this niche enough to build a blog, and therefore you know more information than the majority of visitors also who visit your site, hence when you write articles within your blog you should provide these articles With all the necessary and small details and information, because visitors or your audience in general determines the quality of the articles and it determines the important and not important points.

To determine the information that must be mentioned and the other that should be avoided, ask yourself several questions:

1 - What does the public search?

2- Why do they do this research?

3- How do they do this?

By answering these questions, you can determine the form of the article and the type of information and details inside it.

5- Address your audience as if you were addressing your friend

Address your audience as if you were addressing one of your friends, specifically as I do now in this article, in order to ensure that your article has a strong impact on the reader.

The feeling of each of your audience that you address him specifically gives him more confidence in the content of the article and in your blog and in you personally, and this reduces many of the barriers and mistrust that exist between a new blog and the audience.

6- Personal experience in the article

Talk about your personal experience in the field and your impression about it, because the article thus affects your audience and makes your audience more confident in you and in the blog, as the public's confidence in the information you provide increases if you feel that you are an expert in the field and that this information is a result of personal experience and experience, often the content is separated What you offer and other content is personal experience because abstract information alone is not enough, not enough to build public confidence, and not enough to convince them of it.

Emphasizing the importance of this point, imagine that you are searching for methods of slimming, for example, will you believe information that a nutritionist tells you, a person who lost weight, or information that anyone else tells you ?!

You will notice that I am talking about my personal experiences, whether in my articles or in the videos that I show on my YouTube channel, which made all the followers have confidence in the content I submit and in the blog, which led to a higher ranking in the search engines, because in the end, the engines The search does not only rank according to the content but also the degree of interest and interaction of people with it.

Disclaimer: Note the following image and how to talk about my personal experience within the article

7- Organization of the article

While writing the articles in your blog, be sure to organize them well so that the reader can follow the article with interest and focus. To do this, divide the article into paragraphs and specific points and do not stuff these paragraphs with unhelpful words to make the article long.

If your goal is to lengthen and extend the article in order for the visitor to spend your site as long as possible and thus get ranking in the search engines, I must tell you that your goal is useless because the visitor’s stay on your site is not the only point that guarantees you ranking, but the quality of the content and context ensures that, and this Not that long articles are bad but stuffing for length is bad.

Don't short-cut the article much because little information that doesn't help a visitor understand the topic is bad either, so choosing the right niche you have experience with is essential so you can provide the audience with all the information you have.

8- Interact with the audience

The public in general, whatever its type, and whatever field it belongs to, likes to feel interested, and this interest comes through interaction. The more you can create a good interaction with the audience by answering the questions that it asks and the responses it provides to you, the more it has a good impact on building loyalty. To the public towards your site.

Do not focus on interacting with positive responses and avoid negative responses, on the contrary, you should focus on negative responses because the majority of visitors want to know how you interact with the other opinion and build their personal opinions depending on your method of responding to negative comments.

 Make the reader feel that you are keen to know his opinion of your article, such as asking him to leave a comment in his opinion below the article or telling him that you want him to suggest other topics to discuss it.

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