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A lot of brand-new line owners specially those who are bootstrapping are always depend for manner to relieve money.
So lots so that tasks ilk calculate and clerking or prevent chase of money in/money out is something they arrogate they can do on their own.
But honestly, thither 's no motive to go full-out and rent an on-staff accountant. At least not at first.
There 's so many options for good, easy-to-use report software, that it 's merely punch-drunk not to use them.
And honestly, for as short as they cost, they well-nigh forever pay for themselves with sentence saved.
You can get introductory versions protrude at $10 to $20 per month, and if station invoices are a affair you do, they'll flavour so practically undecomposed and ask so lots LE sentence to throw than if you prove to mishandle some Excel and do it yourself.

Heart-to-heart rightfulness now: the easily money I 've expend on my commercial enterprise has equal on my own Education to further it.
If I don't cognise how to do something, I fuck it 's giddy for me to sustenance judge to Google solutions, go through months and months of visitation and error, and perhaps get it redress afterwards that.
Instead, it makes a lot more smell to pay a few C dollars (sometimes regular a few thousand, look on the skill) to take individual who 's live there, done it, and embody successful at it Blackbeard me how to do it properly the commencement time.
Because yet though those courses price money upfront, they to a greater extent than pay for themselves in return on relieve mistakes unaccompanied not to note how lots they assistant me actually ready to a greater extent money because of the things they teach.
I 've answer courses on how to set up my business, how to wield clients, how to market, how to advertise, how to write, how to beak colouring and do introductory web design, how to network, and how to create an info product.
Free courses are useable yes, but they exclusively cabbage the surface. Paying money to dig deep into the theme and really see it break so, so far. Trust me.

Recently I heard whoremaster and Kate (the couplet nates Entrepreneur on Fire, not the realism demonstrate stars with 8 children) on a podcast blab nigh how when you charter someone, you should actually ask a irregular step-up in cultivate rather of directly embody able-bodied to offload responsibilities and possess the relieve clock you daydream of.
That 's because, eventide if you spend a penny the smartest hires in the world, they're not move to empathize and acclimate to your commercial enterprise right-hand away.
Instead, they're decease to postulate meter to check the ins and outs, to sympathise your expectations, and to mentally put the vex together to see how all the belittled pieces add up to your larger goals.
They're not start to hit the reason run on day one, and you shouldn't ask them to.
Train them intimately to do their jobs eve if they 've filled the Saami character five-spot meter before at pentad dissimilar companies and you wear it should all be the same. (It 's not all the same.)
If you're not surely how to put together a aim plan, match out this scout on Inc. and its dig deeper resources.
Plus, when soul feels to a greater extent competent in their job, they sense to a greater extent empowered and proud of what they do.

No dubiety you 've understand productivity articles that induce propose you not to chit your emails inaugural affair in the morning.
Because it 's a firearm of advice double so ofttimes by mass coiffure null but parroting one another, it can be well-situated to ignore.
But, it Energy serve a purpose, and a beneficial one at that.
The affair is, when you're actively conk out through your emails, your genius feels busy. It is busy, actually, but not with the nearly crucial tasks of the day.
And studies feature record ended and terminated again that conclusion tiredness as the day wears on and as our nous restrain intellection is really often a thing.
Which means that if you drop the initiative four-spot hours of your day weeding through emails from those SEO spammers, you're glow your genius might out on things that don't tied matter.
Which means you 've got a lot LE mastermind mightiness leftover concluded to imagine critically roughly authoritative commercial enterprise decisions and situations that can actually piss you to a greater extent successful. (Unlike those phoney SEOs.)
Plus, when an pinch position pops into your inbox and you don't see it until the afternoon, at least the majority of your to-do tilt is fill tutelage of ahead you let to handgrip it.
An Open for Business sign on your presence threshold and/or a website that 's ultimately become survive isn't plenty to get you customers.
It d be nice, but that 's good not the earth we exist in.
The domain we hot in requires diminished patronage mass ilk us to coerce our way in presence of people, depict them something valuable, and someways birth them heed to our pitch.
Because without that, ain't nobody sound to barely be compelled out of the risque to buy from us.
So to commit in marketing properly, you'll penury to do a piffling enquiry to see out what work proficient for your commercial enterprise mannikin and your market:
Renting a kiosk at a festival.
Online substance commercialise.
Ads in the paper.
PPC ads in Google.
Facebook ads.
Network merchandising and referrals.
Whatever it is, you'll want to bulge cause it from day one.
Or if you're rattling smart, you'll use it to outset establish hype, dedication and expectancy ahead day one.
But whatever you do, don't sit roughly and whirl your thumbs and then adjudicate that perhaps you should front into commercialise when you actualise your commercial enterprise isn't as profitable as you initially planned.
Do it flop off and you'll thank yourself.

How Do I Bulge A E-Commerce Occupation

When you depart an ecommerce site, you gain that thither are loads of items that take to be checked, cross-checked and well-tried to ascertain that your customers possess a secure experience. That's why we put together an talkative checklist for new ecommerce sites.
Often, the largest obstacle that clientele owners font is organism unfamiliar with the process, So we put together a office on ten loose steps to check how to give an online store, whether you already betray products in a brick-and-mortar positioning or you're depart an online occupation from scratch.
Are you seat roughly with a sweetened new production approximation and you deprivation to pop merchandising it online Have you constitute deal in a brick-and-mortar patronise and now you require to lend your commercial-enterprise online The solvent is establish an online store, so I wish to picture you how to depart an online patronize in but 15 minutes.

E-commerce is the action of buying or deal of products on online services or ended the Internet. Electronic DoC draws on technologies such asmobile commerce, electronic finances transfer, add Chain management, Internet marketing, online transaction processing, electronic datum interchange(EDI), armory management systems, and automated datum assembling systems.
Modern electronic Commerce typically uses the World Wide Web for at least one percentage of the transaction's life-time bicycle although it may likewise use former technologies such as e-mail. Typical e-commerce transactions include the buy of online books (such as Amazon) and medicine purchases (music download in the work of digital dispersion such as iTunes Store), and to a LE extent, customized/personalized online strong-drink fund stocktaking services.There are trine areas of e-commerce: online retailing, galvanising markets, and online auctions. E-commerce is supported by electronic business.

If you wishing to betray digital products using WordPress, then Easy Digital Downloads is the staring ecommerce chopine for you. It doesn't count whether you're deal an eBook, an app, or a digital course- you can use EDD to form your business.
They tender an impressive regalia of features, including:
A embarrassment of pop integration.
The selection of creating ignore codes with slap-up ease.
A replete betray cart.
Unlimited register downloads.
File accession control.
Customers can create their own accounts.
You can runway customer activity.
You can employ comprehensive information reporting tools.
Is EDD worthy for me.
In short, if you're trade digital products sooner than strong-arm products, you should reckon using EDD. However, you'll ask a bountiful budget as EDD's cheapest pricing software-package is $99.
Read our entire inspection of Easy Digital Downloads (EDD).

Sellfy, precisely alike many former ecommerce solutions in this guide, offers tons of mythologic features. So, if you're bet for any of the following, take using this program:
A customizable storefront
Built-in email marketing
Facilities for proffer customers coupons and upsells
Advanced analytics
Instant payouts
Secure Checkout
These are only a few of the many features Sellfy deliver to offer!
Is Sellfy desirable for me
If you deprivation to get your ecommerce storehouse up and range in a thing of minutes, then Sellfy's ideal. They arrogate that their users can soma a full functioning storehouse within as minuscule as V minutes! So, in no meter at all, you can commercialize your products via your website and societal metier profiles, and pop bringing in those all-important sales.

E-commerce businesses may also hire about or all of the followings:
Online stag for retail sales directly to consumers via Web sites and nomadic apps, and conversational DoC via inhabit chat, chatbots, andvoice assistants.
Providing or participating in online marketplaces, which work third-party business-to-consumer or consumer-to-consumer sales.
Business-to-business buying and selling.
Gathering and using demographic datum through web contacts and societal media.
Business-to-business (B2B) electronic datum interchange.
Marketing to prospective and make customers by e-mail or fax (for example, with newsletters).
Engaging in pretail for launching new products and services.
Online financial exchanges for up-to-dateness exchanges or deal purposes.

Online markets and retailers possess to notice the right possible way to fulfil orders and cede products. Small companies unremarkably ascendence their own logistical procedure because they do not own the ability to take an exterior company. Most declamatory companies take a fulfillment serving that takes fear of a company's logistical needs.
Contrary to vernacular misconception, thither are pregnant barriers to entrance in e-commerce.
Store closing flags away a Toys R Us in New Jersey. Despite investments, the string struggled to win commercialise partake in the age of digital commerce.
E-commerce markets are arise at obtrusive rates. The online commercialise is expected to maturate by 56% in 2015 2020. In 2017, retail e-commerce sales worldwide amounted to 2.3 zillion US dollars and e-retail revenues are projected to raise to 4.88 zillion US dollars in 2021. Traditional markets are merely expected 2% outgrowth during the like time. Brick and mortar retailers are shin because of online retailer's ability to offer broken prices and high efficiency. Many larger retailers are able-bodied to preserve a comportment offline and online by relate strong-arm and online offerings.

E-commerce allows customers to whelm geographical barriers and allows them to buy products anytime and from anywhere. Online and traditional markets let dissimilar strategies for conducting business. Traditional retailers offer fewer smorgasbord of products because of shelf place where, online retailers ofttimes prevail no stocktaking but station customer orders now to the manufacture. The pricing strategies are also dissimilar for traditional and online retailers. Traditional retailers lowly their prices on storehouse traffic and the be to retain inventory. Online retailers al-Qaida prices on the bucket-along of delivery.

full online or online along with a brick and mortar store. Online marketers can pass low-toned prices, swell production selection, and mellow efficiency rates. Many customers opt online markets if the products can be delivered quick at relatively low price. However, online retailers cannot provide the strong-arm live that traditional retailers can. It can be unmanageable to gauge the select of a production without the strong-arm experience, which may lawsuit customers to know intersection or vender uncertainty. Another yield affect the online commercialize is concerns almost the security-measures of online transactions. Many customers continue truehearted to well-known retailers because of this issue.

E-commerce security-measures is protecting business websites and costumers from unauthorised access, use, alteration, or destruction. The eccentric of threats include: malicious codes, unwanted programs (ad ware, spyware), phishing, hacking, and cyber vandalism. E-commerce websites use dissimilar tools to forefend certificate threats. These tools include firewalls, encryption software, digital certificates, and passwords.

General Communication Skills That You Should Be Conscientious Of

As a speaker, understanding your listener's trunk words can generate you an opportunity to adapt your substance and draw it to a greater extent understandable, appealing, or interesting. As a listener, soundbox words can indicate you to a greater extent well nigh what the former soul is saying. You can then ask questions to control that you have, indeed, infer apiece other. In both situations, you can just annul miscommunication if it happens.
Feedback can also be formal. If you're communicating something very important, it can ofttimes be deserving asking questions of the somebody you're babble to shuffling certainly that they've read fully. And if you're receiving this classify of communication, reprise it in your own words to determine your understanding.

If individual has superb communication skills, he or she credibly has an aptitude for clear and composedly conveying and receiving messages to and from others both verbally and through consistency language, including facial expressions, eye contact, arm movement, and posture. General communication skills are authoritative for routine communication in all situations when you are exchanging conversation with soul else. They are helpful from pocket sized verbalise to thick conversation.

It can involve a lot of drive to convey effectively. However, you motive to be able bodied to convey considerably if you're operate to establish the well nigh of the opportunities that lifetime has to offer.
By scholarship the skills you indigence to convey effectively, you can memorise how to get your ideas crossways understandably and effectively, and read lots to a greater extent of the data that's conveyed to you.
Whether you're a speaker, a listener, a writer, or a reader, you are creditworthy for fix surely that messages are communicated accurately. Pay tending to words and actions, ask questions, and sentry soundbox language. These leave all serve to secure that you say what you mean, and see what is intended.
This locate teaches you the skills you take for a well chosen and successful career; and this is scarce one of many tools and resources that you'll chance Here at Mind Tools. Subscribe to our complimentary newsletter, or connect the Mind Tools Cluband real pressurise your career.

Olivia met Lucy at a party. Both women occupy in a conversation almost their husbands and Olivia's children. Olivia depart the conversation with a peachy depression of Lucy. 'What was it near Lucy that shit her such an attractive mortal Olivia wondered. After all, Lucy didn't say anything specially extraordinary during the exchange. Little did Olivia know, it was Lucy's marvelous communication skills that take her such a magical and likable person.
We'll be using Olivia and Lucy in roughly of the trace examples. It doesn't weigh if communication involves minuscule tattle or a deeper conversation; whatever the situation, the survey communication skills can attend you in creating a capital belief and establishing dumbfound relationships in your life.

REMEMBER NAMES: Pay tending when soul introduces themselves. Use their diagnose at least double in your conversation with them, but be measured not to exaggerate it.

USE EYE CONTACT: When speechmaking with someone, reckon at them in the eyes so that they cognise you are both trustworthy and engrossed in the conversation, but forefend your eyes at metre to see the eye liaison is not overwhelming.

ASK OPEN ENDED QUESTIONS: People enjoy to blab virtually themselves and accept a tendency to rale off their opinions, experiences and stories to others. In your succeeding conversation, ask open ended questions(questions that don't take a childlike 'yes' or 'no' response) to reserve the former somebody to verbalise almost themselves. Remember to contribution exactly adequate almost yourself to celebrate the somebody to whom you are verbalise interested. Lucy asked Olivia questions such as, 'What is your favourite affair nigh having children ' and 'How do you equaliser your vocation with constitute a caring sire'.

MATCH MOOD, CONSISTENCY LANGUAGE, AND SPOKESPERSON TONE: Try to adjust your mood, personify language, and part tonicity to check the soul with whom you are speaking. Lucy sense Olivia's ebullience and cacoethes for her children and reciprocated that ebullience rectify support to her using a high pitched articulation and overstated hand movements.

ATTENTIVELY LISTEN: Avoid sounding at your earphone or watch, and don't disrupt the speaker. Additionally, abstain from suppose almost what you lack to say next. Follow up questions and comments testament current course if you rightfully listen. Lucy was sincerely mind to Olivia when she order the level of how her kickoff daughter was digest on Valentine's Day. Since their conversation lead order in January, Lucy course followed up with a doubtfulness wonder what Olivia was planning to do for her daughter's upcoming birthday.

USE WELL DISPOSED TORSO LANGUAGE: Smile, uncross your arms, and decompress your shoulders, arms, and legs. Stand in an afford stance. Olivia finger well situated verbalize with Lucy because she was exhibiting receptive and tempt consistency language.

GIVE COMPLIMENTS: Some might retrieve this uncomfortable, but everyone loves listening what others admire almost them! Lucy severalise Olivia how impressed she was that Olivia was able bodied to juggling her successful vocation with embody a caring mother. Olivia didn't find out that selfsame oftentimes and forthwith liked Lucy for noticing her operose work, sacrifice, and dedication.

BE EARN AND CONCISE: Avoid using filler or redundant words. Instead, use as lilliputian verbiage as possible when conveying a message. Also, be authorise nearly what you deficiency if you are requesting something. Get to the point!


The 5 top biography skills are self belief, communication, self management, teamwork and trouble solving. Employers enjoy them and so testament you. They could interchange your life! Whatever your interests and setting are, ratify up to the hebdomadary Young Professional newsletter and bulge boosting these skills for dis-embarrass today.

Communication skills in school time and education. Reading, writing, expressing yourself easily and hearing carefully are four spot of the almost significant communication skills you can acquire patch you re in school. Building communication skills in educate testament service you:
Understand and postulate in what's comprise aforementioned and taught.
Present your process in a authorize way to teachers, from homework to reports.
Make presentations and speeches with to a greater extent confidence.
Ask questions that helper you further your understanding.
Share your ideas or thoughts in a way that makes mass deficiency to heed to them.

In work, communication skills are crucial for bring the outflank results at meetings.
Good communication skills supporter everyone at the see sense informed, because they have intercourse what postulate to be coiffe and why. Communication skills can likewise clear mass in the touch palpate respectable most drive on responsibility to facilitate a project.

Give presentations and do reports with increased confidence.
Have a keen ring way if you are blab to customers or clients on the phone.
Send typo free emails that pair the master feel of where you work.
Get on with your handler and multitude in your team (see team working).
Listen carefully to what you postulate to do, so you see what's needed.
Share your ideas in a way that bequeath be appreciated by co workers.
Network to retrieve new opportunities.
Good communication is authoritative in the creation of work. To perform successfully alongside your colleagues, read your role, and advertise the organization in a prescribed style you leave indigence to pass in many ways.
Effective communication bequeath apply you to a greater extent chances to motility ahead in your career, too. Networking is one of the full slipway to uncovering new opportunities. Good networkers are unspoiled communicators.

Communication is one of those aliveness skills that leave helper you in all kinds of ways. Here are hardly a few examples of style you can form up the communication skills you've already got:
Volunteer to reach a presentation.
Public address might seem scare but it is a capital way to prepare confidence. Look at TED talks for dear examples.
Write a blog.
Writing articles or blogs is a heavy way to produce scripted communication skills.
Watch and get a line from the soundbox lyric of others.
You can oft state if mass get on or not by catch their soundbox language.
Contribute ideas to a team project.
It might seem strong to address up but if you birth a honest approximation to apportion then utter up can facilitate the see and facilitate you figure confidence, too.
Do apply job interviews at home.
If you let a job audience total up, recitation with soul you fuck world class so you can recollect well nigh questions embody asked and how you number across.

Creating a proficient CV.
Your CV is a communication tool, so it's crucial to testify your save communication skills at their best.
Writing emails.
When penning emails or peach to multitude see you use earmark words and tone.
Job interviews.
During job interviews use irrefutable consistency voice communication such as a unbendable handshake, eye tangency and indicate that you are well disposed and surefooted by smiling. Communication skills likewise cut through the signals you springiness masses without still realising it. Body lyric says a lot approximately you. To be a expectant communicator you necessitate to be aware of how your eubstance words derive across, not scarcely in job interviews but in day to day sprightliness and make situations.

When you re at a job audience or composition a continue letter you ingest already render a prospective employer your communication skills. Make indisputable you are make and require about metre to retrieve some what incisively you require to intercommunicate well nigh yourself. If you've practised answering likely audience questions and checkered out your torso language, then you should be substantially on your way to establish off big communication skills!
In a job audience you may likewise be asked nigh specific types of communication. For example, if you re sledding for a use where you leave pot with customers you bequeath belike be asked if you've care with customers in the past, or administer with unmanageable masses in general, and how you palm it. It's safe to bear a recall ahead the audience well nigh roughly examples where you've communicated easily in dissimilar settings and with dissimilar types of people.
As forever commend the STARRS method it's an expansion on the pop STARR method by one of our own Youth Ambassadors. It helps you suppose nigh what live intimately in a preceding billet and what you would do skillful adjacent time.

Communication is a life time skill. You can acquire it over time.
There are so many dissimilar methods of communicating, and likewise many means you can fortify your communication skills.

From composition nifty emails to delivering wondrous presentations, submit the sentence to practise, peculiarly in the areas you re LE sure footed in.
Try asking a friend, teacher, or mob phallus how advantageously they remember you intercommunicate in dissimilar room comparable writing, speaking, soundbox language, etc. and if they bear any pointers to helper you improve.
Remember, around of the advantageously communicators weren't course neat at communicating but they pack the metre to study and progress their skills. You can do that too.

See if you can cogitate roughly the questions below. It's utilitarian to you to total up with factual examples. It's peculiarly utilitarian to arrive up with examples from your own biography and oeuvre experience. Apply the STARRS method to a retiring spot where communication was important. What did you do swell How could you do just succeeding clock.

The Top 10 best affiliate commission marketing companies

10 affiliate commission marketing companies

Commission marketing involves marketing someone else's goods and services in exchange for commission. Small or novice companies can use this form to market their products, as small companies need a simple way to employ marketers to help sell products, and beginners also need a simple way to get commission from private traffic. Them.

P - marketing commission (Affiliate marketing) is one of the most important new marketing destinations that enable employees of profit - taking over the Internet, and a lot of people in the current era are using the idea of marketing commission in their business to reap profits through it , and although the marketing commission can not be relied upon As a primary source of profit, but we can rely on it as a secondary source of profit with other sources of profit that we depend on, and it is worth noting that commission marketing does not require high experience from electronic marketers, but beginners can deal with the matter very professionally, and today the best 10 companies have gathered for you T marketing commission you can rely on them to achieve high profits.

The 10 best affiliate commission marketing companies

1. Affiliate marketing with Amazon Associates

Company the Amazon Associates , is one of the best companies that you can rely on them if you want to start professionalism marketing commission, they are very great for beginners and more importantly, it is a subsidiary of global e - commerce Amazon , so you're with them will be sufficiently aware that the real one hundred percent is not only the process Fraud or pitching to attract customers to them.

What makes this company special is that the products that it contains are numerous and serve different classes of society with many interests, so the matter of obtaining clients from behind marketing to them will not be difficult, regardless of the audience that marketed to him, everyone will find the appropriate products for him, as the company provides all What suits everyone, and this is not only what makes Amazon Associates special for serving the idea of commission marketing, but also the commission you give in terms of marketing to them is not small, as it gives about 4% of the total sales volume and the commission can later reach 8,50% of Total sales, so by marketing you can profit from K. Nothing can gain from the brush price 10 Dolart or even brush the price of 4,000 thousand dollars, in both cases you are the winner, the greater the audience that attracted increased with the possibility of achieving more profits without a doubt.

Here I will explain to you why this company is particularly suitable for beginners? The matter comes in fact that with any sale that occurs through you, no matter how much you can profit, you can profit from the marketing of dolls or watches, whether this commodity is cheap or high and does not make much difference, in both cases you will make a profit from marketing to it.

Another reason that this company is very suitable for beginners is that Amazon is a global and reliable brand, and since it is known globally, so it attracts everyone from different parts of the world and not just a specific country, and this certainly broadens the list of marketers to them significantly and ultimately hurt In your best interest

In the event that a serious customer wins and purchases, you are a winner, and in the event that he does not buy the product, you will have a full 24 hours to persuade him to buy and complete the sale and profit behind it, and if the customer places the commodity in his shopping cart, then you have 30 days allowed until the commission becomes You have the right if the customer purchases after that, and all this is in your best interest, especially if you are a beginner in this field.

2. Marketing by Rakuten Corporation

Rakuten is a Japanese company specialized in the field of electronic commerce for many years, where it actually started its work in 2012 AD, and the company's revenue amounted to about 4.6 billion USD, and whoever says it is a company that is not trustworthy, it suffices to know Its operating profit is around $ 244 million, and this company has many investments online and has more than ten thousand employees worldwide, and Rakuten includes the American marketing company LinkShare as one of its main branches in the United States of America, and the company uses For the marketing of trademarks f She does not sell products on her own, but it can be considered as an advertising medium that helps to earn money for both the seller and the advertising marketer.

A lot of people enjoy working with  Rakuten Marketing especially beginners and this is because of the ease of the control panel contained in their site, which makes it easy to deal with and does not require any experience, as the company includes more than one brand, which makes its marketing market It is wide, and Rakuten Marketing keeps all the important information and any other records in one place which makes handling smooth, and if your audience is specific then it will be easy to sell products through Rakuten Marketing.

3. Click Bank Marketing

The company  Click Bank distributed instead of the intermediate as do the company 's previous Rakuten Marketing, so they always look Alovljet company and here it will require them to deal with marketers and product owners directly appear, the company specializes in providing lifestyle products all over the world with a team of marketing partners Digital, and the program works effectively to collect the best products with digital marketers to reach their target audience, the company is located in the United States of America, and it has a long history in the field of marketing being present in this market since 1998

The company is very great for beginners and this is because of the different types of products that it contains that can serve many different types of audiences and thus this is in the interest of the beginners, as this makes the possibility of selling with the company rise, which makes it easy to achieve profit through it, as the other advantage Which is wonderful in this company and you may not find it in many other companies, that you do not need to have a website on the Internet, where you can market in any way that the company permits and is not a requirement through your website.

The other thing that is distinctive is that Click Bank provides you with a lot of information about how to get started and the settings and this will certainly facilitate a lot for beginners, and it guides you to many important steps to complete the marketing process smoothly and soundly, which makes it as a teacher that teaches you how to master commission marketing, and this is definitely what beginners need , Which they don't find in many other companies.

More details about this company and how to find profitable products were mentioned in the Affiliate Marketing Course

4. C J  Marketing

Just like  Click Bank , CJ is  an advertising platform that works with suppliers with large brands and famous brands, which in turn guarantees good quality of services and products, and this makes the site very reliable as these products basically carry the confidence of many buyers, so you do not need To introduce them to them because they know them well, it is also one of the best features of the Commission Junction that payment is made through the website and not by merchants, and thus provides you with the idea of dealing with each commercial company separately.

Commission Junction is one of the oldest commission marketing companies and enjoys confidence by many of the big brand names that you deal with, and this is one of the most important things that serve you in the idea of commission marketing as these brands will enable you to complete sales easily, and this will facilitate you a lot of hard work in Affiliate marketing so it will be excellent for beginners and professionals alike, but the company has a number of strict criteria for engaging with it, and this is because it wants to maintain the trust of suppliers in it so that it remains as efficient as they have been since its inception

5. Via eBay :

Many of you also know this popular site, which has completed 20 years of customer service worldwide, but many users do not know that eBay has its own affiliate company, and it is also one of the largest specialized companies in affiliate all over the world, this site Especially popular with the US and European markets, if you have a site that has many visits from Europe and America, you should consider eBay Affiliate . relies on auctions for products, it puts the lowest price for the product and starts the auction process until one of the buyers gets the product, the seller gets a high profit rate, and allocates 10% of the profit to the site.

You can view my latest articles and find 8 alternatives to ebay in 2019 here

6. ShareASale Marketing :

I wanted to put this shareAsale network in the first place for the 10 best affiliate commission marketing companies because of its reputation for paying commissions on a regular basis and its excellent services, you will find more than 1000 exclusive dealers on ShareASale but it has some complications and sometimes difficult to reach support, and these are The network is one of the oldest networks since it was operating in the affiliate field for almost 15 years.

7. Affiliate Marketing Noon :

Noon has a variety of leading brands in the world that offer the best quality products that are carefully examined, and it has met stringent quality control standards. Noon, the leader in e-commerce, enables affiliate companies to earn commission for every purchase directed from the platform. To through affiliate links through its own program “ Affiliate Noon ” which allows affiliate companies: Bloggers, information sites, coupon sites, price comparison and review sites and Social Media Influencer to earn a commission by converting the audience to, and therefore appreciates To compete

 But the problem with this system is that you cannot directly subscribe to it, but you will need to join it through a broker like ArabyAds.

8. Fiverr website :

Fiverr is a global site that includes many people who want to work  freelancers and  therefore the competition in it is very strong due to the quality of the services provided and the large number of them, it is a site dedicated to selling different services for a minimum of $ 5 and may reach $ 200 or more at times, and can People through this site provide and sell many services and the service that is provided on the Fiver is called Gig

For more details on how to make a profit, you can read the comprehensive guide: Profit from Fiverr here

9. Marketing by MaxBounty :
Max Bounty is one of the oldest companies in the field of commission marketing, and works with some advanced brands, such as Norton, McAfee and T-Mobile, and offers a lot of offers in multiple fields, not provided by other affiliate networks, where MaxBounty offers a $ 1,000 reward to any affiliate company She earns about $ 1,000 a month during the first 3 months, and most of her affiliate programs are fixed monthly payments, but the only disadvantage of this company is that it rejects beginners and that it is very strict in the way it brings visits continues to try to provide the best transfers to its customers, and in exchange for this You pay well for advertisers, if You have had high quality transfers, you can send an email to the manager of this company to raise your commission.

10- Bluehost  Affiliate Program

Bluehost is a web hosting company that has hosted more than 2 million websites since 2003, and it provides many different types of hosting such as: shared hosting, WordPress hosting, VPS hosting, custom hosting, cloud hosting, WooCommerce hosting and many other types of web hosting.

Joining an affiliate program is simple, you just need to subscribe to the program, share your affiliate link and get money for anyone who signs up for any of the Bluehost packages from it, you can also place text links or banners on your site, and benefit from any sales, it is one One of the most famous hosting companies in the market, and very popular and successful as Bluehost pays more than $ 5 million in commissions throughout the year, also its affiliate program is recommended by WordPress to host its platform, and this is a recommendation you can fully trust.

Our Blog has a partnership with BlueHost and we also offer great free services for everyone who registers with BlueHost through us (for more information on our free services click here .)

This was a group of the most important commission marketing companies, and one of the most important things that you must bear in mind is that commission marketing cannot be considered the only source of profit that you depend on in your life, but you can use it along with other sources so that you can achieve actual financial profit in your life .

If you are a beginner in commission marketing and want a professional place that takes you from the ground up, you should have an Affiliate Marketing course, in which I explain my own commission marketing strategy

You now have a list of the 10 best affiliate commission marketing companies. Maybe your next new step may be somewhat difficult, but it's no more difficult than staying in your current position that is no longer relevant to you. Time to work with Affiliate Marketing.

I hope this article has achieved the desired benefit, and thank you for the good follow-up. If you have any questions, do not hesitate to leave a comment below.

The best blog writing tips for beginners

The best blog writing tips for beginners

There are some steps that you can follow in order to build good and strong content within the blog. You cannot guarantee the blog’s success and profit through it in the long run unless you adhere to these steps.

1- Choose the content of the articles carefully

You can not build a successful blog for profit , including without building a good content inside first, The content is king or as said content is the king and this content is certainly subject to several elements so that they can say that the content of a good convincing your audience, and these elements:

The content should be related to the niche that you have chosen, you cannot write in the niche of soccer sport and the niche of your site about basketball, for example, about swimming, and so on.

Write on exclusive topics or recent and popular topics with high search rates and do not face strong competition at the same time, because audiences often search for new and is very attracted to news or new information.

It is very important when writing content within your blog, whether you are a beginner working to increase traffic in order to make a profit or if you are proficient in your site, using keywords , how they are organized, and how well they are present within articles.

You write not for you but for the sake of others or for the sake of the audience and therefore your writing should focus on your audience's preferences and the information that you think will attract it, and I will now tell you how you can learn about the audience's preferences and interests.

How do you know the audience's preferences?

The audience is usually attracted to the topics it finds expressed, or to the topics that meet its need and desires, and once you have chosen a specific niche for your blog, this necessarily means that you have deduced the quality of the audience you are dealing with, the preferences and interests of this audience and topics that are supposed to arouse and attract it, and in general You can learn about your audience’s preferences by doing one of the following:

Facebook or Facebook Group page:

I have definitely made a Facebook page or group related to your site and it is linked to it, and certainly the ones inside this page or group are actually interested in the field and therefore the identification of their interests is easy through direct interaction with them and responding to their inquiries and asking questions Them about the articles they want to read and the type of topics that interest them, as well as you can do a poll or poll in order to identify specific topics and put them in your articles on the blog. You can make a poll through this free site ( click here )

Look at the picture, and you will find that I have done a referendum to the public to know the courses they prefer

Your YouTube channel:

If you have a YouTube channel that contains your own videos and content that you have set up, you definitely have a background about the nature of the information that the audience prefers, especially if you follow carefully and continuously the comments on the various videos that you display on your YouTube channel and also respond to them.

Mailing List:

You can also get to know the audience’s preferences by emailing them via the mailing list that you have that you are supposed to use to know which topics the audience prefers than others, and the mailing list has a great advantage in that each member of the audience feels like you are personally addressing him and that he specifically saw him Your decision affects the content.

In this photo you will find that I sent the same poll to my subscribers in order to know the courses they prefer:

Audience comments on your blog:

Obviously getting comments on the blog is difficult especially if you are a beginner or if your blog is new, you often face a problem of trust from the audience and therefore will not easily tell you about his preferences, but if your blog is active or known then getting to know the audience preferences from During it is very easy.

Spying on competitors:

It is considered one of the easiest and most important ways to get to know the audience’s preferences. You can visit the competing sites for you that specialize in the same niche and thus have the same audience that you are supposed to present your blog to, and by spying on competitors you can learn about the topics that focus On it, and the most interacting articles.

2- Search for the tagged words and choose attractive headings

Search for keywords on topics you choose, and select words with a high search rate and low competition at the same time.

There are many tools that you can use to search for keywords, some of which are free, such as the google keyword planner tool and paid tools such as the Ahrefs tool which is a very cool tool that I use personally to search for keywords.

3- Create a plan for writing articles within the blog

After you have done a tag search for the articles you have chosen and which we assume are five articles, now create a plan to write these articles within the blog.

 Select specific articles to publish at certain times, such as publishing an article on the first day and two days later another article and so on, until your blog has good and valuable content that attracts visitors.

4- Specify the details and information within the articles

We assume that you have chosen a specific niche for your blog, this definitely means that you know information about this niche enough to build a blog, and therefore you know more information than the majority of visitors also who visit your site, hence when you write articles within your blog you should provide these articles With all the necessary and small details and information, because visitors or your audience in general determines the quality of the articles and it determines the important and not important points.

To determine the information that must be mentioned and the other that should be avoided, ask yourself several questions:

1 - What does the public search?

2- Why do they do this research?

3- How do they do this?

By answering these questions, you can determine the form of the article and the type of information and details inside it.

5- Address your audience as if you were addressing your friend

Address your audience as if you were addressing one of your friends, specifically as I do now in this article, in order to ensure that your article has a strong impact on the reader.

The feeling of each of your audience that you address him specifically gives him more confidence in the content of the article and in your blog and in you personally, and this reduces many of the barriers and mistrust that exist between a new blog and the audience.

6- Personal experience in the article

Talk about your personal experience in the field and your impression about it, because the article thus affects your audience and makes your audience more confident in you and in the blog, as the public's confidence in the information you provide increases if you feel that you are an expert in the field and that this information is a result of personal experience and experience, often the content is separated What you offer and other content is personal experience because abstract information alone is not enough, not enough to build public confidence, and not enough to convince them of it.

Emphasizing the importance of this point, imagine that you are searching for methods of slimming, for example, will you believe information that a nutritionist tells you, a person who lost weight, or information that anyone else tells you ?!

You will notice that I am talking about my personal experiences, whether in my articles or in the videos that I show on my YouTube channel, which made all the followers have confidence in the content I submit and in the blog, which led to a higher ranking in the search engines, because in the end, the engines The search does not only rank according to the content but also the degree of interest and interaction of people with it.

Disclaimer: Note the following image and how to talk about my personal experience within the article

7- Organization of the article

While writing the articles in your blog, be sure to organize them well so that the reader can follow the article with interest and focus. To do this, divide the article into paragraphs and specific points and do not stuff these paragraphs with unhelpful words to make the article long.

If your goal is to lengthen and extend the article in order for the visitor to spend your site as long as possible and thus get ranking in the search engines, I must tell you that your goal is useless because the visitor’s stay on your site is not the only point that guarantees you ranking, but the quality of the content and context ensures that, and this Not that long articles are bad but stuffing for length is bad.

Don't short-cut the article much because little information that doesn't help a visitor understand the topic is bad either, so choosing the right niche you have experience with is essential so you can provide the audience with all the information you have.

8- Interact with the audience

The public in general, whatever its type, and whatever field it belongs to, likes to feel interested, and this interest comes through interaction. The more you can create a good interaction with the audience by answering the questions that it asks and the responses it provides to you, the more it has a good impact on building loyalty. To the public towards your site.

Do not focus on interacting with positive responses and avoid negative responses, on the contrary, you should focus on negative responses because the majority of visitors want to know how you interact with the other opinion and build their personal opinions depending on your method of responding to negative comments.

 Make the reader feel that you are keen to know his opinion of your article, such as asking him to leave a comment in his opinion below the article or telling him that you want him to suggest other topics to discuss it.

Top 8 alternatives to eBay in 2020

Top 8 alternatives to eBay in 2020

EBay despite being a world-renowned e-commerce platform, but it imposes many restrictions and discounts that ultimately affect the profit margin mainly and mainly, they deduct many commissions and discounts on each commodity, the value of which varies from one commodity to another, as they impose many Laws on commodities, but today we brought you the best 8 alternatives to ebay in 2019

I had the honor to be one of the first to explain the shipping shipping paths on eBay in detail in the Arab world through the shipping shipping course from Amazon to eBay and   now we show you a group of the most famous alternatives to Ebay.
These unique sites have been compared to eBay in terms of advantages and disadvantages, which makes it optimal for you and provide you with easy and comfortable handling, so follow us.

1- Amazon website

Who among us does not know this famous website Amazon site that started as a website for selling books on the Internet and then it became a global site selling various goods and goods, this site is much larger than the eBay website as it provides you with the convenience of dealing with it that you can earn more money.

1- Both of them, whether eBay or Amazon, are electronic stores with many infinite electronic goods on board.

2- eBay mainly deals in selling its products on an auction basis and if it provides a fixed price option, but in reality it does not witness a lot of dealings with it, but for Amazon it deals mainly with selling at a fixed price so it will definitely be better.

3-  eBay charges fees for every item you add to your store, whether or not you sell, which will make you lose a lot if you do not sell anything on your list, and then you will have to change it in the hope that you will sell something from the new list that you prepare to pay again for the new products that you add, either. On Amazon, you are only required to pay fees for each item you sell, which will make it easier to deal and cheaper.

4- Amazon pays more attention to its customers than eBay and adds many advantages and surprises to them from time to time. As for eBay, it is largely stereotypical and you will not expect anything new from it.

Is Amazon best suited?

Almost anyone who sells any product will be able to run their business on Amazon, the huge variety of possibilities is such a powerful temptation, but you just have to make sure that your prices are competitive enough to be a competitor without sacrificing a lot of your profit margins, if you are a small seller , This might be a little more challenging, as there will be others selling in bulk which make the prices very competitive, this is where you need to make sure you sell the right products.

How to be successful in using the sale on Amazon

One of the best ways to move forward in this competitive field is to do small market research on what you want to sell before committing to time, energy and capital to actually sell it.

Often Amazon's selling fee is higher than eBay, because Amazon fees generally increase by 5%.

2-  etsy

This site specializes in selling products that were completely handmade, which makes them more able to buy as people always love to buy handcraft items that were made with a pure design from the heart, and although the Etsy site started a consultation since 2005 AD, it managed to win many people From buyers and sellers.

Today, approximately one million and 600 thousand sellers deal with it, and more than 26 million buyers, and this wonderful site will help you in finding many strange things with a beautiful shape, which will make you avoid the stereotypes found on the various electronic commerce platforms, whether it is eBay or other platforms. Electronic trade .

Although listing goods on eBay or on TSI requires fees, listing on eBay from 10 days to 30 days, while in ETSI may be up to 4 consecutive months before you have to renew again, and eBay is a bidding site in The basis for it is it depends on the direct price of the item, it has more support than eBay, and it has much lower fees.

Etsy is cheaper than eBay as it charges $ 0.2 listing fees and 3.5% fixed commission on every sale, it's a lot simpler and has great customer support.

3-  bonanza website

Bonanza is another website that has been in popularity not long ago compared to other e-commerce sites but has proven effective in this market, this site offers you more than 40,000 vendors from all over the world, and every day this number is increasing as it is very popular, despite Being offering millions of products just like eBay but Bonanza also contains a selection of unique and exceptional products of its kind, so this will make your store very diverse.

Bonanza does not deduct any expenses except for the purchases you make, so this item will be much more expensive than eBay, and Bonanza depends on the full fixed prices and not the auctions, so it is better regarding this point, and the competition for Bonanza between sellers is not so great. Like any other electronic platforms, whether eBay, Amazon or others, as it is less than this which allows you to appear more to buyers, and this in turn will contribute to increasing your profit margin.

Although most markets focus exclusively on promoting its brand to buyers, Bonanza is a platform that allows sellers to make sales and build a brand by developing relationships with their customers. Building your online business requires vision, dedication and time, so you need to know that you are building on a solid foundation.

Since Bonanza doesn't earn money until its sellers do, you'll see much higher profit margins, it's totally free to list an item on Bonanza, and the average fee per sale can be less than 3.5%, which is much lower than eBay.

4- Newegg

Newegg is an online marketplace that is considered the “No. 1 marketplace for every technical thing,” such as electronics, computers, spare parts, entertainment and game products. Sellers can offer products on the market, which reach 36 million customers. Newegg is located in California and has distribution facilities throughout North America and Canada, and it has a global spread in more than 50 countries.

Newegg is commonly known as the electronics store that contains products specializing in technology and gadgets, unlike ebay.

How to sell this site is restricted to certain products, as Newegg website specializes in electronic products only.

This site is characterized by having a specific and clear audience and potential customer base because it specializes in a specific product, the visitor targets this site when looking for electronic products only

Newegg provides an account manager that helps you create your business and guide you throughout your business through the site.

Newegg offers free tiered membership options, $ 29.95 per month, and $ 99.95 per month, and the more you pay, the more support, tools, flexibility and listings you get.

Commission fees range from 8 to 15% depending on the category you sell, they get about 45 million visitors every month, although their audiences are often tech savvy, you can still sell a lot of other products.

5-  ebid website

It is similar to ebid amazon and ebay in the specialty in terms of the various commodities that they provide, but ebid despite being a company that was established in 1998 AD but it does not yet have the same numbers as both amazon and ebay, where you will find a small percentage of buyers on it, but there is no Mind her experience, as long as there is a possibility of profit from it.

Ebid offers a much lower collection fee than eBay charges, so it is much better than it when it comes to fees, and the interesting thing if you like the idea of ​​auctioning that ebid is also providing you this idea just like eBay, which makes it offer the same feature that you are looking for but With less fees, and it is also a trusted sites so you are safe with fraud and fraud.

Unfortunately, however, eBay still wins at the Traffic Point, where it is more visited by buyers and sellers than ebid, so it is the best in this matter, but in the end it is a safe market that you can enjoy its experience.

They charge a total of 3% on each sale only. Although the selling costs are much lower compared to ebay , the number of visitors is also lower, so the profitability rating is also lower. You can still try to see your luck as a trader.

6- Rakuten website

Rakuten is a Japanese e-commerce and internet company based in Tokyo. Its e-commerce platform is the largest website in Japan and one of the largest in the world in terms of sales, like Amazon and Alibaba, offering a wide range of products across all major categories.

One of the advantages of Rakuten is that you do not compete with the website itself that is, it does not compete with its sellers unlike Amazon, which sells dozens of its brands on its website, and you have more power to customize your store inside the platform and such a thing that e-commerce sites do not allow The other major.

Rakuten is a traditional online retail website, not an auction platform.

Rakuten offers merchants more flexibility that makes it easier for them to build their own brand within the site, and you can also design your store, products, and even blogs / content within the Rakuten Market.

Rakuten also provides more flexibility in how you interact with your customers, including pricing, marketing and promotions.

This platform is not one of the cheapest alternatives to eBay. Rakuten prices are too high, which may make them prohibitive for smaller sellers, as well as a monthly subscription fee of $ 33, you'll also pay huge commissions, but if you're looking for a large oversized sale, that might be an option to think about.

Product category fees range from 8% to 15%, and $ 0.99 fees for each item sold.

7- Ruby lane

Ruby Lane has a good follow-up between buyers and sellers of fine antiques, collectibles and oldies, although many site users consider it a useful and profitable place, some users may find their fee structure a little expensive (and in some cases even forbidden), it depends Really what is being sold and how sellers are building their storefronts.

Ruby Lane is a fixed-price market and does not offer auctions.

More specialized than eBay, where it focuses only on antiques, art, collectibles and jewelery, meaning that your store visitors are more targeted.

There is greater quality control in Ruby Lane and sellers are examined.

Higher Cost Though there is no commission, Ruby Lane charges $ 0.19 per list and graduated “maintenance” fees ranging from $ 69 per month for small sellers, to $ 0.01 per commodity for major sellers, there is also a one-time setup cost of $ 100.

8- eCrater

The main advantage of eCrater is that it is free to create a store and has templates that you can use to create an attractive store easily, it is said that it is easy to import your listings from eBay, which is a good thing if you want to move completely, there is not much information on the eCrater website, But there are at least 65,000 active stores on the site, the number of customers and the amount of traffic dwindle compared to the larger e-commerce platforms, so it is better to use it as an integrated market, rather than the market you rely on only to run your business.

ECrater provides online store templates to help you get setup quickly.

You can customize your store to include your brand.

This site is 100% free to open and run, however, if you make sales on eCrater  , it takes 2.9% of the total, you can keep 100% of the sales you bring to your store through your SEO efforts.

You now have the best 8 alternatives to eBay in 2019, in the end all of these sites are fine for you to try, you will not lose anything, and you can work on all of them at the same time as there is no problem with that, and you are in the end who will determine which is better for you in dealing, thank you Good follow-up, I hope that the article has achieved the desired benefit.

The comprehensive guide to profit from your website

The comprehensive guide to profit from your website

A lot of people are searching for ways to make profit from the internet, some already have experience in making profit from the internet, others do not have any experience to do so, there are some strategies that are suitable for foreign content and some other strategies are suitable for Arabic content, so I will present Today you have a comprehensive guide to profit from your Arabic site.

Before you get started let me tell you a few important points to keep in mind:

Creating a blog is one of the basics of profit. If you do not have a blog yet, please view this article on how to create a blog step by step with pictures and videos from here.

Searching for keywords or semantic is a very big part to make sure your site is in the competitive market.

You should try to provide something of high quality and value.

You should find the perfect knit and make a profit.

In this article I would like to focus on 8 different methods that enable you to make a profit for your own Arabic website, as follows:

First: affiliate marketing

How does affiliate marketing work?

It depends on 3 very simple steps

Market a product or service to your audience

Your audience purchases the product or service using your affiliate link

You will get commission for purchases made using your affiliate link

Benefits of affiliate marketing


It allows you the freedom to control the place and time, design your own schedule, and prepare a plan for your work routine. Also, you can travel anywhere you like and take your office with you. All you need to work as an affiliate marketer is a laptop or mobile + internet connection.

Affiliate marketing also gives you time to practice the activities you want and spend time with your family or pursue your hobbies and develop yourself, all you have to do is just make an effort to establish a marketing commission with commission and get a commission that earns you a steady income over time.


Commission marketing can give you an income of 4 to 6 numbers. If you find a profitable product and you work as an avlite for this product, you can earn more profits, as there are products with a commission of up to 75% for each sale.


Affiliate Marketing allows you to sell products without going anywhere, you can sell products on your website by providing good product content, quality and features, then put your link to buy from.


One of the benefits of affiliate marketing is that it is inexpensive and relatively cheaper than known or usual marketing.

In other marketing matters, you must advertise your products, hire sales representatives, or distribute the products yourself ... etc., while in affiliate marketing you do not need all these costs nor do you make this effort, all you do is manage your website and through smart search You will be able to get large commission products and make huge profits.


Once you get profitable products, you campaign your affiliate marketing and make an effort to sell, in this case you can literally earn money while you sleep, the more your sales, the more profits you get.

How do you make money from affiliate marketing?

First: You need to have a blog or website at the highest level in the search engines as much as possible, the higher ranking in the search engines will lead to getting more visits and thus reach a better number and increase your income.

Second: Search for products of high quality and commission, not only looking for money, but also looking for quality products.

Third: Start creating your own mailing list, as e-mail greatly increases sales, so your profits increase.

If you want to learn more about affiliate marketing with a detailed explanation, you can subscribe to my affiliate marketing course here.

Second: Google Adsense

Ad sense allows bloggers and websites to navigate to the immense google ad network, where other advertisers can display ads on your site.

The best part of the Google AdSense system is that, once you register, Google will place a simple code on your own site that identifies the content you provide on your site and begins displaying ads related to your content.

Example: If your site specializes in pet nets (cats and dogs), then Google will start showing your ads to visitors to get cat food and dog training ... etc.

When a visitor clicks on the ad, you are paid for each time a visitor clicks on your ad !! Yes, it is very simple and easy

If your site contains a huge number of visits, you can earn a lot of money every month from Google Adsense.

Third: Using the Buysellads Plugin:

Using the  BuySellAds WordPress plugin

What is the BuySell Ads extension?

It is a market that connects between website publishers and ads, it is a very simple way where the advertiser searches for a target niche, then a large number of websites appear to him after that he looks at the site statistics and then buys the ad.

BuySell Ads processes and provides advertisers with analyzes and deposits money into your account every month. In my opinion, it is a very nice addition that gives you the freedom to control the acceptance or rejection of advertisers

Why would I advise you to use the Buy-Sell Ads WordPress plugin?

Because it provides a good base for advertisers looking to spend money on ads, and provides support to advertisers as well, all the services that Buy-Sell Ads offers you (help you choose the right price, appropriate ad areas, ad space, etc.)

How to use Buy-Sell Ads with WordPress?

First, you need to sign up for a Buy-Sell Ads account (registration is free).

Second: Add your site, and you can add several ad areas to your site.

Third: the format of the ads  (image only + text or paragraph + description or funded Tweets or Rss Feed ads)

Fourth: You can set your own price and you can also choose to rotate ads if you wish to do so and specify the size of the ad and more, once you have finished creating your own advertising areas, all you have to do is simply put the icons in your template or alternatively You can use the official program for the BuySellAds WordPress plugin

Fourth: Earn for writing reviews

Why do companies pay for reviews?

Because reviews are very important for brands and big companies, and it is one of the most critical factors in completing most purchases from the Internet, so companies know the value of reviews and are willing to pay for them.

How can you profit from writing reviews?

With the passage of time your site will grow and you will have a high traffic and a good number of interested and followers, and someone who has a suitable product for your netsch may offer you

Example: If your site is interested in, for example, slimming and has achieved significant expansion and high traffic, you will find some companies that communicate with you and ask you to do a review of their products, and in return you will pay you an amount of money that is agreed upon in advance (percentage or commission) for this Working, you can make many different reviews of phones, other devices, or even programs, applications, or any different services.

Fifth: Building paid memberships

If you are interested in a specific topic and you have extensive experience in all its issues and distinct in it, you can build paid memberships for this topic through a course or training course once you participate in it, the visitor moves to an important group of exclusive high-quality videos and your service must also be distinctive and He gets personal support for this topic, it is an additional benefit of bringing in recurring funds.

For example: If you have enormous experience in design and have done a design course for you, and be an example of Photoshop, here you can build a membership in which the visitor pays a sum of money in exchange for the exclusive content that you offer and to benefit from your distinguished service .

Sixth: Selling electronic books

E-books are a very easy way that you can work in the Arab world, where you can search for example about problems that meet your audience and create a book that provides solutions to these problems, and your e-book can be just a PDF file that you deliver to your audience when paying, There are a lot of people doing this way and providing really good books for reasonable sums of money that will make them profitable.

I advise you to take the opinion of your audience when choosing the title of the book to include or to ensure that it will be very popular, you can take their opinions by for example conducting a poll on Facebook group or on your social media means or by sending an email to your mailing list etc.

Seventh: selling courses

If you don't like the idea of ​​selling e-books, you can sell the courses instead. The course requires time to prepare it, but once it is prepared and put up for sale, you can profit from reselling it for life, and this is a very strong advantage.

The course should solve a problem your audience faces. For example, if you have an obese audience, you should build a course that solves this problem and provide them with real solutions to get rid of being overweight.

The Affiliate Marketing Art course solves a problem my audience is experiencing - the desire to find a real strategy for profit from their blogs, and that was the goal of the course for sure.

Disclaimer: In the summer of this year (2019) I will launch, God willing, a course in which I will inform you how to build a professional course or an e-book and make a great selling page for it and profit from it so that you have a name and brand in the Arab market, God willing.

Eighth: Offer paid services.

Also, one of the easiest ways to start making money and profit from your Arab site is to sell your services, think about the services that you can solve the problems of your audience and you will provide distinguished services, it may be the provision of your services as a virtual assistant to small business owners is the best way to invest your site !!

You can easily write articles for companies or other people for an amount of money, or if you speak different languages ​​fluently, there are some companies that want to translate their websites and so on !!

Just create a page in your blog and offer services that are paid to people. For example, if your niche is about design, you can show the person, for example, Photoshop or explain it to a team viewer individually, or if your niche is about marketing, you can To receive communications from people and talk to them about their marketing strategies and develop their own businesses.

And by that I have finished presenting this guide, I hope to God Almighty that I have been successful in displaying it, and that you have found these methods useful for you to start your journey in building, growing, and achieving a lot of income from your Arabic site.

I advise you to start earning money from your Arabic site now, and choose the best way for you to start making income and profit.

Finally, I would love to hear your thoughts or if you have another way that you do not hesitate to write in the comments below for the benefit of others, also if you have any questions leave a comment below and I will answer you.

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